John Hughes at the BFI

To promote the John Hughes film festival at the BFI, ‘Don’t forget about me’, I created a series of minimal graphics to capture iconic elements of the films featured.

For the promotional brochure, I used a letter format to emulate the Breakfast Club’s final scene, also indicative of John Hughes ability to connect with his audience on a personal level and capture the minds an entire generation.

To accompany the brochure, I created a series of minimal posters for each film, and continuing the mail theme, a set of postcards.


Slam Bang Tang Gin 

Slam Bang Tang is a boutique gin brand. Inspired by the vintage signs of Las Vegas and the Broadway hit ‘I believe in you' performed by Frank Sinatra in 1961:

“I take heart to see the cool clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom
and truth, Yet there’s that slam, bang, tang, reminiscent of gin and Vermouth”

Make sure you drink Slam Bang Tang gin and experience the Slam Bang Tang taste for yourself.



Crowdsourced is a live music app and the ultimate live music community.

Designed for like minded music fans looking to find and share information about live music acts across the UK, from reviews to planning their concert going experience with fellow music fans.

The app can be personalised to the specific user, basing their homepage on their specific music tastes, favourited content and the recommendations of other users like them.




Unearthed is more than just a travel site. 

It is an inspiration resource for people who love to travel, using stories photographs and recommendations of real people to unearth the most amazing and unique locations around the world.

We want to encourage the audience to take a path less travelled and explore an exciting world they haven’t discovered yet, maybe ticking a few things off their bucket list along the way...


Making Carbon Emissions fun with Quest...

How do you make learning about Carbon Emissions fun for very young children?

With the Squibs! A family of Aliens, from the planet Glob, who have travelled across the galaxy to teach earthlings about global warming. 

The audience are invited to go on a quest with the Squibs via the website or iPad app. They can find out what carbon emissions are, use the simple to emissions calculator to find out their personal impact on the environment and ways that they can reduce their emissions.